Monday, April 5, 2010

Google Tools - Google Alerts Keep You Informed

Google Tools - Google Alerts Keep You Informed

Why would anyone go searching the web for content of Interest?  How do you protect your Brand and your reputation?  What system do you have in place to inform you if someone is writing or talking about you or your company on the Internet?  How do so many people know so much about what's going on in their industry and how do they keep up with it all?

EASY!  Google Alerts.  Google Alerts allows you to create and setup alerts that notify you via email any time the keywords, phrases, or names you enter get picked up by the search engines and the Google Alerts management tools.  A great example is your name or company name.  If you setup a Google Alert to notify you anytime your name or company is published on a website or Blog post, you'll get an email on a daily basis.  This allows you to monitor and track anything and everything ever said about you.

Google Alerts lets you setup topics and search terms, what type of alerts you want, comprehensive, blogs etc.  You can create an email notification campaign and select how often and how many al;erts you want, and specify which email address you want them sent to.  Google will not sell or share your email address.

On an even more beneficial note, imagine having notifications coming to you about your competitor, your favorite topics, new technology, Industry news, even sports updates and stockmarket information. Why go out and serach for this stuff when you have time (which none of us do) when you can have it delivered to your email inbox daily?

If you're not currently using Google Alerts, you are missing put on one of the most powerful tools Google has to offer.  Instead of me alerting you via this Blog post, you could have setup a "Google Alert" for "Google Tools" and been notified via an email.  Now you're probably checking the date on this post to see just how late you really are to the game.  


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