Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Google's AdSense - 5 Tools That Make Cents

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Google's AdSense - It Makes Cents

Google AdSense can actually make dollars too
, but the big question is always how do I start and how much can I make?  It's not really about the money, it's about providing "GREAT CONTENT" on your site weather that be a Blog, photoblog, vlog, podcasting page etc.

There are many ways to use AdSense to make a few bucks but your focus should always be on the content, especially if you are letting Google AdSense select relative ads based on your topics, content, and subject matter.  Checkout the Newbie Central Welcome

Here's a very common question that you may be looking for an answer to:

How does AdSense work with Google?

Take a look, it's worth the few moments it takes to read this to understand whether or why you may want to consider moving forward with AdSense or not?!?

Have more questions and Concerns?  Need answers to questions you can't find elsewhere?  Here's a link to many of the questions we have found our answers to, and are very excited about what Google has done and is doing with AdSense.  https://www.google.com/support/adsense/

Google AdSense Tools - 5 Tools that Make Sense Cents

If you create sites just to run ads, you're not likely going to see any real worthwhile results.  If you have a niche and can drive traffic and visitors to a site, you should investigate adding some adsense ads to the page and see how you do.

Be careful not to over do it, sometime adding too many ads can be distracting and turn visitors and traffic into "Red X Clickers" maening they leave as soon as they get to your site.  It's called the "Red X Syndrome" and is usually caused by weak content and too many ads. 

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Getting Indexed - Trusted Links -vs- Site Maps

How can you get Google to Index more of your sitemap URL's?

The answer might not be what you're expecting. Conversion plays a bigger "role" than you think. Watch this video and get some great tips on how to get better indexing from Google. You'll need to get better known around the web and "linked" to others if you want success.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Google's Blogger Template Designer ROCKS!

You really need to check out Google's Blogger Template Designer, it will make a huge difference in the appearance of your Blogger Blogs. Up until now, Blogger has been limited on the free templates and themes avaialble, but with the "Blogger Designer" the sky is now the limit!

Check it out: Blogger Template Designer

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Google's Vision of a Mobile Future

"Eric Schmidt presents Google's vision of the mobile future at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain on Tuesday, February 16, 2010."

Friday, March 5, 2010

Google Android - Technology Gone Mobile

Google Android - Technology Gone Mobile... and WILD!

"Powered by Android 2.1 and a 1GHz Snapdragon processor."

The android is next on my list for purchase, could be the biggest and best potential competition for the apple iPhone.  Mobile apps for the android offer great mobile technology, worth investigating  and the NEXUS ONE phone has em all!~

Google Indexing - Plans to go Realtime

Google Indexing - Plans to go Realtime - Exciting news for web publishers.

"Google is developing a system that will enable web publishers of any size to automatically submit new content to Google for indexing within seconds of that content being published. Search industry analyst Danny Sullivan told us today that this could be "the next chapter" for Google."  Marshall Kirkpatrick  ...read more here

Google Tips - 5 Techniques for Building Links

Google Webmaster Help - Effective Techniques for Building Links

Matt Cutts from Google gives excellent advice on some ways to create and build effective links to your site and Blogs. The most important message you should get out of this video is that "content" is king!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Google Acquires Photo Editing Site Picnik.com

Google.com Acquires Picnik.com

It's been announced that Google (GOOG)  has bought Picnik.com, an on-line photo editing application that works with other social media and photo hosting sites.

As a paid subscriber and daily user of both Google and Picnik, here's the announcement I received from Picnik.com about the new changes.

Dearest Premium Picnikers,

We have some exciting news to announce, and as one of our beloved Premium members, we wanted to tell you ourselves: Picnik has been acquired by Google!

Of course, Picnik will keep providing photo editing awesomeness online and will continue to connect to all your favorite photo sharing and storage sites. Really, nothing is changing in your account today, but we're excited to start working on many wonderful things to come!

If you have any questions about this news, please check out the FAQ we put together, send us feedback on our contact form, or reply directly to this email, and we'll be happy to help.
As always, Happy Picniking!

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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Google's Wonder Wheel

Google's Wonder Wheel may be the very best tool we've discovered from Google.  Well, maybe not the very best, but it sure is close!  This tool helps you to find relevant search terms and keywords to better your Blog and site content, helping you with SEO for those search words and terms.

"On May 2009 Google released a new feature called “Google Wonder Wheel” . Google Wonder Wheel is a wheel (of wonder) which shows related search terms to the current searched query and thus enables you to explore relevant search terms which might be the ones you originally wanted to search for, or simply gives you more options to gain more information...."

To use the Google Wonder Wheel, just follow these simple steps.

1. Go to Google.com
2. Perform a "Keyword" or "Phrase" search
3. Once the results load, click on the "show Options" link.

4. Click on the "Wonder Wheel" under view options.


5. Now watch the wheels turn.  

Click on any link that comes from the Wonder Wheel spokes and it will load a new wheel giving you a Map or Blue-print of Keywords and titles you could or should be using in your Blogs and Sites to rank higher in the search engines. 

First Wheel: Google's Tools

  Second Wheel: Google Apps

Third Wheel: Google WEB Tools


This wheel only goes three deep, but I think you'll get the idea if you've been around SEO and Google for any amount of time.  Google's Wonder Wheel, the 8th Wonder of the Internet World.

Google Analytics Tools

Google Analytics Tools

There's no better tools for analyzing your website or Blog traffic.   Google Analytics is a tool we have been using for years on nearly every website and Blog we own.  The reports and their accuracy are the best we have seen out of any tracking or analytics widget or site on the WEB.

Take a look at some of these graphs and charts, it's obvious that if you're not tracking your data and traffic results, there no possible way for you to know what areas are working, where you need to improve, and what you need to change to get the maximum results and business out of your site!


Google Analytics is the BEST and ONLY way to analyze
your activity if you're looking for reports, results, efficiency and accuracy.  Doing the same thing over and over expecting a change is a sign of insanity, that's why Google created analytics .... for those who want to stay sane!

Google's Tools for iPhone

Google's Tools for iPhone

Having Google's Tools on your iPhone is better than......
well, calling your BEST Friend on the phone!

Using Google's iPhone tools will make using the Internet a mobile experience that no other service or phone can offer.  Download Google onto your iPhone and see for yourself. Harness the power of mobile technology and maximize your time while on the road and away from your computer.

Google Video Tips from The Pro at Google