Saturday, April 10, 2010

Orkut Photo Sharing - Powered By Google

Orkut Photo Sharing - Powered By Google

Take a look at Orkut, looks like Flickr and Photobucket may have some stiff competition with all that Orkut now offers.  Let us know what you like or don't like about Orkut, or how it compares or doesn't compare to your existing photo share site, and we'll make sure the word gets back to our friends at Orkut and Google.

One feature we've already been asked about "Will Orkut ever allow the transfer of photos from Photobucket or Flickr?"  We'll see if we can find the answer to that one right away, if not, we'll make the suggestion that "Orkut" offer that feature in future releases.

Google Docs - Effective Collaboration

Google Docs - Effective Collaboration

What makes Google Docs one of the most shared and powerful collaboration tools on the Web?  It's the fact that Real-time collaboration can and will have Real-time power and results. 

The story of Jessica and Michael in this video depict a perfect example of how one might use Google Docs to ensure that a final product or effort will be effective and the best it can be!

"The Love Letter!"

If you still aren't convinced that Google Docs is the greatest collaboration tool available on the web after watching this video, then there really is no sense in trying to convince you that from a business perspective, you're missing out on a great opportunity to collaborate and create some of the best tools and products for reaching out to others to support and grow your business.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Google Groups - Make Learning Profitable

Google Groups - Make Learning Easy and Profitable

When Google Groups first hit the Internet streets, many Web surfers didn't know about it, and those that did, didn't know what to do or how to use them.  Google groups are created by individual users from all over the world. There is a group for just about every topic you can imagine.  If there's not one, you can create one. There's even a group for Google Groups!

The biggest benefit of joining specific Google Groups is that you can learn in half the time, and increase profits in double time.  Google AdSense for example, or Google AdWords, these groups are saturated with individuals who have straightened the learning curve, and set the bar on how to do things with these tools successfully.  Why take time to recreate the wheel and start from scratch?

Search Google Groups for the topics that interest you.  It's not always about making money, maybe you want to know more about travel, building cars, collecting antiques, or learning about new and exciting technology?  Or maybe you want to cut corners and save time by learning how others make money on the Internet using Google AdWords, AdSense, Blogs, and Advertising?

There's a Google Group for you, Check it out, become a groupie, and take advantage of another Google Tool that brings you great value both educationally and financially.

Google Voice - The Invitation Worth Waiting For

Google Voice - The Invitation Well Worth Waiting for, get the invite here!

Google Voice is a powerful Google tool that offers many great features, tools and services for both personal and business use. The ability to add the Google Voice Call widget to your site or Blog makes this one of the best Google Tools available on the web.

After you've watched this video, get the invite, setup your account, add the widget to your Blogs and websites, and see what a difference having Google Voice will make in your business and personal life!

Google Mobile - Get Found by Mobile Customers

Google Mobile Ads - Get Found by Mobile Customers

Make it easy for customers to find you from their mobile phones and devices. Google Mobile Ads puts you in front of the customer when they are searching and needing you most! Go to and create your ad worthy opportunity quickly, everyone else is.

Monday, April 5, 2010

How To Link Google AdSense To Google Analytics

How To Link Google AdSense To Google Analytics

The benefits of linking these two accounts together will help you to understand your statistics and traffic better, and help you to create more effective and targeted content for your Blogs and websites.

Google Tools - Google Alerts Keep You Informed

Google Tools - Google Alerts Keep You Informed

Why would anyone go searching the web for content of Interest?  How do you protect your Brand and your reputation?  What system do you have in place to inform you if someone is writing or talking about you or your company on the Internet?  How do so many people know so much about what's going on in their industry and how do they keep up with it all?

EASY!  Google Alerts.  Google Alerts allows you to create and setup alerts that notify you via email any time the keywords, phrases, or names you enter get picked up by the search engines and the Google Alerts management tools.  A great example is your name or company name.  If you setup a Google Alert to notify you anytime your name or company is published on a website or Blog post, you'll get an email on a daily basis.  This allows you to monitor and track anything and everything ever said about you.

Google Alerts lets you setup topics and search terms, what type of alerts you want, comprehensive, blogs etc.  You can create an email notification campaign and select how often and how many al;erts you want, and specify which email address you want them sent to.  Google will not sell or share your email address.

On an even more beneficial note, imagine having notifications coming to you about your competitor, your favorite topics, new technology, Industry news, even sports updates and stockmarket information. Why go out and serach for this stuff when you have time (which none of us do) when you can have it delivered to your email inbox daily?

If you're not currently using Google Alerts, you are missing put on one of the most powerful tools Google has to offer.  Instead of me alerting you via this Blog post, you could have setup a "Google Alert" for "Google Tools" and been notified via an email.  Now you're probably checking the date on this post to see just how late you really are to the game.  


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Google's Gmail - The Best Email Service on Earth

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What makes Google email the best email service in the world?  There are three reasons that every Internet user should be using Google email.  These are three of the most powerful tools and why many are now changing to gmail.  

1. First is Google Voice

A Deaf, Hard-Of-Hearing or Speech-Impaired per...When you setup a gmail account, make sure you setup a Google voice account at the same time. This allows people to contact you via your custom phone and voice mail number which gets transcribed and then converted to text and sent to you via Gmail email. The transcription is not always the best but the ability to play the message withing the email message makes it very convenient to receive and manage your email along with all your voice mail messages.

2. Second is Attachments

Using video in communication now days is a powerful tool not only for business, but for personal use as well.  Youtube is owned by Google and it the largest video hosting site in the world. When you attach a video link to a gmail email, the video is displayed at the bottom of your email as an attachment and can be played and reviewed without ever having to leave the email message.  This is a convenience for both the sender and the receiver.

3. Third is Video and Chat Messaging

Once you build up a suitable database of contacts in your gmail contact database, the ease of instant communication makes Google Gmail a great resource for accessing all your clients, friends, associates etc from your inbox.  If any of your contacts are online at any given time, you can click on their name, send them a chat message, and if video is available on both computers, have instant video chat with a single click.

Google email keeps expanding with new and exciting features and benefits like "Google Buzz" and others, and there are many more great features and useful tools with gmail, but these are the three we use most often and find the most beneficial at this time in our online business and busy social media lives.

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